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System GEOmeter MX


mxbox2011-2Up to now it was difficult to use normal GPS-receivers in the wood-areas. The Mxbox with its new technology has set standards. The modern design, the quality of GPS-data and the robust converting of the signal leads to measuring in the woods and in narrow streets.

The GNSS-Receivers of the GEOsat company are successfully used since 1997 in forestry and agriculture. Due to permanent processing the latest receivers MXbox basic and MXbox hybrid offer an additional use of Glonass signal and corrections. In combination with other modules of the System MXbox you create your work more efficiently and more productive. The modules of the System MXbox can be combined with hard- and software and an outdoor tablet PC of your choice. You find detailed information about the modules, where you can choose what you need to complete your system, in the following list: System GEOmeter MX


System GEObox smart


FAHRZWith the System GEObox smart you get responses to the central questions of your book-keeping. Who does what? At what time? On what position?

The vehicle location gives you the exact position of your vehicles. Besides the fix up to ten sensors can collect information about various conditions of vehicle, cargo and staff. Within a mouseclick you see clearly on graphic display the routes of several vehicles and you get detailed information of your fleet at a glance. This will save costly telephone calls and customer claims.

With modern wireless data flow, these information is integrated in your book-keeping an can be used entrepreneurial. The performed work is evaluated in the best way up to an automatic accounting.

The System GEObox smart is the ideal tool for the management of business operation. With this positioning system you will definitely find your position in the world wide logistic boom.