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Mobile Data-Collecting in Forestry

The mobile space-oriented evaluation of geodetic and technical data is a daily task in forestry. The System Geometer MX offers several solutions and various operations for an inventory such as:

MXbox handheld

  • Inventory of the woods
  • Inventory of the damage of woods
  • Examination of the ground quality
  • Forestry measuring
  • Measuring of sample areas

With regard to the economical significance of the inventories and the associated work assignment there is a high demand concerning the IT- equipment.

certification NavCert KB_D

  • Reliable and sufficient accuracy of the current position
  • Sensitivity to shadowing of signals
  • Use of standard interfaces
  • Suitable for field use and ease of operation
  • Efficiency and flexibility
  • ...

See the components of the System GEOmeter MX for yourself. We would be pleased to advice you in choosing the right equipment.


Examples for MXbox hybrid, GEOmeter MX