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handheldThe employment of modern GNSS-receivers in forestry makes a great demand on the equipment. The receivers of the new generation of the GEOmeter MX System process with GPS- and GLONASS-corrections. Due to these features the advantage of the receivers is the high accuracy of 0,5 m in dense vegetation. It lends itself to woods-inventory or area measurement.


feldGPS-receivers in agriculture are in use for a long time. The GEOmeter MX System affords with the MXbox hybrid a GNSS-receiver which is certificated from the TÜV Süd an can be used for area measurement due to INVEKOS. But besides area measurement in agriculture it is also more and more important to get information about a combination of vehicle location and book-keeping. The advantages of mobile data collecting with the System GEObox smart have a wide range of applications.


lkwA single „satnav“ does not give logistic calculation! You should use the “automatically collected” GPS-data of your satnav by combining the “simple” vehicle location with other services and protection of theft. The System GEObox smart will help you. You drop down your consumption of resources and environment pollution.

Winter Services

Winterdienst1A high level of transparency is the most important subject for winter services. The customer get a exact documentation of the work, claims will decrease and controlling the routes in the streets is not longer necessary. The performed work is evaluated in the best way up to an automatic accounting. The System GEObox smart offers a specifically software for planning and optimising the routes of your motor pool.

Supply and Disposal / Sewer Cleaning

abfall-containerFor the different types of the supply and disposal work, the System GEObox smart offers a perfect solution to evaluate data of the phase of a machine. The filling level of a container or a truck is scanned online, the running time of machines on the cars are collected by sensors and combined with the vehicle location.

Homeland Security

Coastal Surveillance Systems The observation of the border- and coastlines plus strategically important facilities is of high interest. Thus, many Arabic countries invest in modern surveillance systems. The "GEOsat Communication Systems" in Abu Dhabi provides and installs the latest high performance video systems in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).