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The GEOsat GmbH is the pionier of satellite navigation in Europe. It is founded in 1985 for the insertion of GPS-technology as a joint venture between the federal state of North Rhine Westphalia and several partners from the industry.

Projects und trade fairs campaigns all over Europa were realized. Beside this, the consulting for the development of geodetic network and the initiation of GNSS-Technology in land survey was based on the GEOsat know-how. Since the middle of the 1990s, further development to the „Systemhaus" take place in apparatus engineering. With the own hard- and software processing, the high quality level responds to the customer requests.

With the insertion of the Geobox-Family in 2005 the GEOsat company reaches the logistic- and telemetry market. The focus is put on the customer-focused generation of surplus value due to the combination of location-, time- and sensor-information with the book-keeping.


The GEOsat GmbH is the GNSS - Systemhouse of the GEOhausGEOHAUS-Group, that covers a various, interdisciplinary and international scope of duties. This long lasting experience from GEOsat (since 1985) and this in August 2006 acquired certification after DIN EN ISO 9001 (german industrial norm) prove the efficiency in the logistic sector.

Advanced products based on this experience are e.g

Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen  FensterGEObox smart: this GPS/GPRS-Box in various types is used for vehicle location and transmission of diverse sensor data. In combination with GEOhaus – Online and the analyse program GEObox–Office, the GEObox makes your work-flow transparent for the customer and your sales will increase.

Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen  FensterSystem GEOmeter MX: the modern generation of our modular DGPS-GI field survey system. A lot of our customers sense the software as brilliant because it can both manage complex tasks and is easy to handle for semi-skilled operators. Actually it is in use in the federal states of Saxony-Anhalt, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania for the third woods-inventory 2011. The System GEOmeter MX, on the market since 2007 as a further development of the GEOmeter 24, has already a lot of friends as the positive reactions of our customers let us know.

Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen  FensterGEObox Office: the ideal tool if you want to have a quick look on the actual working status in combination with the vehicle location. Due to actual maps, the precise GPS location and the relieable data transfer to the PC in your office the controlling of the work flow is a breeze.

Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen  FensterGEOfield: offers a comfortable and reliable collection, image und convertion of geodetic data in the field. Due to realtime measuring you get during the work an information on quality about the data, based on statistic and graphic basics. The Software runs the operating system Windows CE® and ca be used with all known PDAs, Table- and Pen-PCs.