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innovative through research


The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft pays tribute to the GEOsat for their long lasting and successful research activity with the label "innovative through research".
Since founding the GEOsat GmbH in 1985 we engage in numerous research projects with the focus on GNSS, telematics, sensor technology and geographic information. Our versatile potential of innovation is the basis for the development of new products and services, always close to the project and to the customers.
Stifterverband is a joint initiative started in 1920 by companies and foundations – the only one in Germany to be devoted entirely to consulting, networking and promoting improvements in the fields of education, science and innovation.

The adjacent current news from the local press WAZ shows it again, modern telematics helps in the protection against theft or in its solution. The most up-to-date telematics system from our company GEObox Smart, offers a variety of functions that are suitable for alarm messages, among other things:

  • Alarm when leaving a defined area (geofence),
  • Alarm Alarm when moving outside a defined time window,
  • Alarm when moving the vehicle (even without GPS),
  • Alarm when the on-board power is disconnected.

The value added of our system GEObox smart goes far beyond theft protection. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.





Einsatz Geobox Überführungsfahrzeug

After an extensive test phase in the summer of 2017, the Prüf- and Validationcenter (PCW) in Wegberg-Wildenrath decided to use the GEObox in the locomotives of the center. With the localization via the GEObox, the fleet manager has at all times the full overview of the rolling material.

As a rail transport company, the PCW also takes over the transfer of customer vehicles. This reduces the coordination and processing costs and accelerates the approval of the customer's railway systems.


Under this slogan, the BILDUNGSWERK VDV organizes a seminar on April 12th and 13th in which the Building Information Modelling is in the focus. GEOsat intensively supports the work of the expert group 2 » measurement «in the Bildungswerk VDV and is co-organizer of the seminar.

You will find more information here.

The construction company F. Winkler GmbH & Co. KG from Bremen has approached the GEOsat with the task of being able to settle the operation times of the approx. 80 building vehicles on the construction sites automatically and in some cases exact to the hours. So far all the operating time have been documented by list and form.

Together with the company Nord West Business Consult GmbH a solution was developed based on the proven system GEObox smart.

With the new automated billing system, Winkler is promising positive effects in the organization of the sites, an increase in the efficiency of the machine park and the avoidance of faulty settlements and goodwill settlements.

build vehicle
building vehicle of F. Winkler KG