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  The GEOsat GmbH is the GPS/GNSS – company in the GEOHAUS-Group, that covers a various, interdisciplinary and international scope of duties. This long lasting experience from GEOsat (since 1985) and this in August 2006 acquired certification after DIN EN ISO 9001 (german industrial norm) provides confidence for old and new customers. Designing hard- and software we offer complete solutions and have the best understanding for your demands. Due to the close cooperation with companies and public authorities, other main subjects of our services are consulting and training.

Software development – close to the project

The firm- and software for the GEOmeter MX System and GEObox smart get an excellent grade from our customers. The reason for that is the comprehensive knowledge of our employees and their engagement to find the best solution for the customers demands. Today soft- & firmware development are the centre of quality for each progress. It combines the challenges of technology with the demand of the user. Different languages and experiences are necessary. The GEOsat company combines all these skills to succesfull employment in various projects.   programmierung
Hardware development - Application    

Whether test-bench calibration in Salzgitter or transmittion of camera data in Abu Dhabi; both are based on actual know-how in electronics, wave propagtion, mechanics, GNSS und Internet.

The best qualified employees produce series with small edition and can react with high flexibility on your demands due to the close cooperation with the GEOHAUS.
Service and Practice    
dienst3   Working close to GEOHAUS a daily contact with practical problems is usual. Besides we follow up with data analysis, GIS–field survey, GNSS– application and precision surveing.

In cooperation with GEOHAUS we know various technical, organizational and economic services of the daily business. Thus, technical and economic competence for difficult solutions in the business has increased. Our consulting skills are a result of this employment.

Actually our main subjects are:

  • Involving GPS (Galileo) for surplus value in your business/ public authority
  • customers support in climbing the stages of value added chain
  • organizing the GIS – data aquisation for public and private data