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For many years, the GEOsat give advice and support for the European efforts to the development of the independent satellite navigation system Galileo. With the new Galil-EU project, we will prepare the ground for an economic use of Galileo.

The GEOsat has welcomed today's approval by the European Parliament of the financing and governance of two European satellite navigation programmes: Galileo and EGNOS, for the period 2014-2020. Their total budget of € 7 billion will be used for the completion of the satellite navigation infrastructure, operations, necessary replenishment and replacement activities, development of fundamental elements such as Galileo-enabled chipsets or receivers and, most importantly, the provision of services. The responsibility for the progress of the programmes and their overall supervision will stay with the Commission. The European GNSS Agency will gradually assume responsibility for the operational management of the programmes while the European Space Agency will remain responsible for the deployment of Galileo, and the design and development of new generation of systems.

The overall economic impact of Galileo and EGNOS is estimated to be around € 90 billion over the next 20 years.